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Path to ASPICE Compliance  -Part 1

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We have developed a guidebook, which we refer to as SWE.4, specifically for practitioners involved in Product Development Life Cycle, such as Project Managers, Software Test Engineers or Leads, Quality Assurance Engineers or Architects. The guidebook outlines the essential requirements to be considered when performing Software Unit Testing in compliance with ASPICE or Automotive SPICE standards.

Simply fill in your basic information and you can download the guidebook with ease. We hope that you find it useful and informative.


Download Today!


Accelerating automotive innovations demands operational excellence and safety compliance to deliver products with quality and efficiency. The knot is uniquely positioned to partner with and support major OEMs, Tier 1s and startups in their process transformation that helps achieve compliance with industry standards - ASPICE, Functional Safety and Cybersecurity.

We deliver excellence through process transformation solutions that involve a combination of management consulting and process implementation unique to the world of eMobility. We aim to work closely with the customer teams, identify problem areas & challenges and provide solutions resulting in Process Improvements.

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