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To build a safe & secure car, you need an integrated process framework

(ASPICE + Functional safety) that seamlessly connects your systems and software processes.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Process Transformation

Our vision is to deploy our Integrated Process Framework engineered with ASPICE and Functional Safety – ISO 26262 compliance embedded into OEMs and Tier 1s ECU development processes. Our goal is to add our 50 cents from a process transformation perspective to build safe and secure cars with our Lean Process Transformation services connected with an agile way of working.



We Deliver Value added Process Transformation Services Around the World

Automotive SPICE

We provide value-added Consulting and Project support in the below areas:







  • Automotive SPICE - System and Software Process Improvements.

  • HardwareSPICE Process Improvements

  • AgileSPICE - implementing agile way of working in automotive with  compliance.

  • CybersecuritySPICE - re-engineering processes considering security and leveraging best practices from ISO - 21434.


Our Consulting value added services includes SWOT Process & Tool chain Assessments, Process Definition / Re-Engineering, Deployment support (Coaching and Audits compliance , Pre-Assessments and Final Assessments with application of Lean.

Functional Safety ISO 26262

Our Safety framework ensures that product development from the, management, concept,  system, software and hardware is safe proof with our top-down approach. Our solution in Functional Safety includes:

  • Establishing Safety Framework - Policies and Procedures.

  • Facilitating the Safety Applicability workshop 

  • Item definition and boundary diagrams.

  • HARA analysis and Safety Goal definition.

  • Deriving Safety Requirements and ASIL decomposition.

  • Building a safe design with EGAS layered architecture and freedom of interference.

Functional Safety

Integrated Process Framework 

​Our simple light weight Integrated Process framework - SADD considers ASPICE (including Hardware SPICE, Agile SPICE, Cyber SPICE) + Functional Safety ISO 26262 + Industry Best Practices.

  • Study - the internal and customer processes, ALM tool chains, competencies , challenges, areas of defect leakage and ambiguity in Roles and Responsibilities.

  • Assess - the gaps, expected vs. actuals.

  • Define - the process transformation roadmap and Process assets.

  • Deploy - the processes and coach the project teams for effective roll outs.

Integrated Process Framework
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QA as a Service

With our in-house teams expertise in Automotive SPICE and Functional Safety, we provide QA As a Service model where our QA Engineers will work as your extended Quality team for

  • Defining strategy to ensure Process & Product Quality,

  • Defining KPI’s and Objectives for measuring process effectiveness 

  • Performing Process and Work product audits to uncover quality issues.

  • Monitoring Supplier Quality and identify issues that affects the quality of product.


Configuration Management As a Service

Maintaining the integrity of the work product throughout the Product life cycle and ensuring right versions are used in building the product is a challenge. Our unique Configuration Management as a Service framework provides a subject matter expertise in Configuration Management skill set combined with ALM tool chains to define strategy, preparing & maintain the configuration items, perform baseline audits and ensure that issues are resolved at the right phase and right time thus avoiding the defect leakage.

QA & CM as a service
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A different approach, using a new method of connecting Processes for better Quality Product

Our differentiator is the expertise that we carry over 15 years in deploying our Integrated Process Framework with Automotive SPICE and Functional Safety embedded had helped in 50% rework reduction , 30% improvement in Process and Product Quality.

These are NOT just data’s but our result of value that we have delivered to our customers.

Our Differentiator

Knot In Numbers






Process Improvements


Process Transformation Projects.

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Our Customers

Since our inception in 2020, we have been successful in keeping our customers happy at tough times, identify & address challenges pro-actively and meet the desired quality.

We work with customers in Automotive, Aero and Medical for Process Transformations that matters.




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ASPICE + FuSa Assessments




Our Customers


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Remote, India

2-5 Years of experience as QA Engineer with Passion in Process and Product Quality in Automotive SPICE or CMMI and can work on Process Definition, Coaching the Engineering Teams and Trainings.

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